Alex H.

Growth and pain often come hand-in-hand and it's this fact that creates a stronger sense of self. Success in the face of sacrifice is a reminder that we are never as weak as our fears would have us believe.

Thoughts by Alex & Greg

Gregory E.

“Most great people have attained their greatest success just one step beyond their greatest failure.”

-Napoleon Hill

Dillon F.

"Photography is the art of capturing memories before the ravages of time have the ability erase them forever."

Author Unknown

Mandy B.

Your ideas, your thoughts, are the seeds of action. Every incredible endeavor started as but a thought.  Never underestimate the inherent value of an idea.

Gregory Em

Gregory Em has been building websites on various platforms since 2012. With a passion for technology and a never ending desire to learn, Gregory Em utilized his artistic talent to venture into the world of Computer Illustrated Graphics. Working professionally as a Graphic Designer  he  developed a desire to do more knowing he could provide his clients with a much broader array of services.  At the outset of the COVID 19 Pandemic Gregory Em took the company he started  as a side business to a full-time venture in 2018.  To date Gregory Em Graphics & Design boasts 200 full-time active clients, which include Michigan State University, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Carbon Green BioEnergy,  Miller Time Aviation, the National Republican Committee, and many other awesome businesses and organizations. 



Through our multi-faceted creative processes we are able to produce amazing designs and graphics that showcase our clients products and services beautifully. Whether it's via


• Graphic Design,

• Social Media Marketing,

• Email marketing

• EDDM (Every Door Direct Mailing)

• Direct Mailings (requires a mailing list)

• Print Media ,

• Motion Graphics (Intros, Logo Reveals)

• Videography (Full Service, see examples here.)

• Photography or

• Modern/Responsive Website Design  


We can help your business achieve its branding and marketing goals. Contact us today to schedule a consultation. There's no strings attached, no fee, and no risk. We will assess your current situation and provide solutions to improve the return on YOUR investment.