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Gregory Em Graphics & Design specializes in creating unique graphics to boost your brand by utilizing creative and talented Logo Designers with extensive experience. We create stunning visual media to help set you apart from your competition. With a commitment to the client and an ever expanding skill set,  we continually strive to exceed expectations. 

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Examples: Wix, Coca-Cola, Subway, Casper, Kellogg’s, eBay and West Elm.

Wordmarks (a.k.a. logotypes) consist of the company’s name, written in a certain typeface. While this may sound very straightforward, as Steve Jobs said, “Simple can be harder than complex.”

Some brands create a custom typeface especially for their logo. However, this takes time and requires significant. We do offer an alternative, we examine thousands of fonts and fond one that reflects your brand’s mood. Generally Modern Logos will us a sleek sans serif font while trendy logo designs might require more unique and involved typefaces. 

A wordmark logo is appropriate for brands with catchy names, or those that want to get their name out into the world, as their logo will appear throughout all their marketing materials.

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Examples: Facebook, McDonald’s, Netflix and Pinterest, Uber and Beats.

Letterforms are one-letter logos that only include the first letter of the company’s name. Often, brands will have an additional version of their logo that comprises their full business name (called a wordmark or logotype, as explained above), to be used in different occasions.

As letterform logos are small, they’re easily scalable. Even when used in miniscule dimensions, they’re likely to stay recognizable, especially if they have a fairly simple design without too many details. This makes them ideal for app icons, favicons, social media profile pictures and more.

Generally, letterform logos are a good choice for brands that are already reasonably well-known. Otherwise, it can be tricky getting people to know and remember your company’s name. They’re also beneficial for brands with long names.

Things we will need to know in order to create the perfect logo for your business:

  • What type of business do you have, what is your primary service / product / industry?

  • Will your logo be used on apparel and on company vehicles?

  • What color(s) are your current company vehicles / uniforms?

  • What genre of a logo are you looking for, ie. vintage, modern, corporate, industrial?

  • How soon do you need your logo?  (Is your business opening soon?)

  • What is your "messaging", what does your brand communicate?

Please complete the contact form and we will respond as soon as time and opportunity allow.