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Billboard design published throughout West Michigan.

Need signage?

Gregory Em Graphics & Design can design and produce a wide range of signage including billboards. We work with local installers and sign builders to ensure your signage looks excellent. We offer  PVC, Aluminum, Foam-Core,  Backlit Plastic, Polystyrene, Aluminum coated plastic (JBOND / DIBOND), PolyAir (bubble core plastic) , and Acrylic substrates. These can be used in conjunction with framing, stands, and hardware so that you receive effect you desire.

Though prices vary from one material to the next our prices are extremely competitive and will be difficult to beat anywhere you go in the industry.

Regardless the substrate, you will always get premium print quality. We select our vendors very carefully. We refuse to utilize cheap producers (like Vistaprint) as product quality is subpar throughout their entire product line.


Looking for more permanent signage or a larger format sign such as a billboard? We can assist you there as well. For more information on prices and options click the link below.

Additional variations available. Contact us for more information.

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