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We can design and produce a wide range of signage. We work with local installers and sign builders to ensure your signage looks excellent. We offer  PVC, Aluminum, Foam-Core,  Backlit Plastic, Polystyrene, Aluminum coated plastic (JBOND / DIBOND), PolyAir (bubble core plastic) , and Acrylic substrates. These can be used in conjunction with framing, stands, and hardware so that you receive effect you desire. Looking for a larger format sign such as a billboard? We can assist you there as well. For more information on prices and options call or email for a custom quote.



Sizes: These corrugated plastic yard / job signs are printed on 8'x4' sheets that are custom cut to fit the size of the signs that you need. For instance, a single sheet will result in 10 - 24" x 18" signs. This sheet can be cut into varying sizes resulting in several signs of various shapes. Cost: Each 8'x4' sheet cut into various sizes. Price includes shipping ​ Contour cutting can incur an additional charge but is traditionally included on popular sizes. Graphic Design is usually included on orders of 10 signs and above. Time: Generally these are printed within 24-48 business hours and are delivered within 24 hours via next day shipping. Examples of our designs can be found throughout areas surrounding Grand Rapids, Lansing, and Ionia.


Product Labels

Your labels can make all the difference when it comes to whether your product sells well...or doesn't sell at all. Unfortunately many of our clients come to us only after their brand has suffered. How your product is displayed will be one of the largest factors when someone is weighing the decision to purchase products similar to yours. We can design and produce custom labels that allow your product to "shine". Below are some of the options we have.   Your labels can be custom designed to any shape and can come in a variety of options including transparent, metallic foil, paper, polyester, and BOPP.

I need a custom design.

Our Graphic Designers can

create the label you're looking for



Paper labels are the most popular and cost-effective type of labels that we offer, and can be utilized in a variety of applications and forms of branding. We offer designs printed in rolls of five multi-purpose shapes: choose between rectangle, square, circle, oval, or a custom design of your choice.




Booklets / Catalogs

 With advanced design and printing capabilities, our team provides the perfect platform to get your message out in the most visually attractive and engaging way. We offer a wide range of sizes and materials. Click Here to order your booklet/catalog today. Need design services? Click Here instead.

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